In the past one hundred years, Yoga captivated the hearts of many in the western world. The meaning of the name Yoga is: "union" or "binding", the spiritual uniting discipline by which inner freedom is sought. According to Gandhi's interpretation, "Yoga is the yoking of all the powers of the body, mind and soul to God…it means a poise of the soul enabling one to look at life in all it's aspects evenly". 

Yoga is practiced for various reasons: to improve posture and physical strength, to prevent and improve back/neck pain, to balance the nervous system, to silence our unsettled mind, and to live a full, meaningful life. The ancient Yogi's percieved the Yoga practice as a way to enable the practitioner to take action in the world from a clear vision of seeing reality. The daily Yoga routine has the power to change the way one sees oneself and the world around. Yoga is based on experience, rather than belief. 
Through Yoga practice, one reaches transformation and self development, releasing the hidden potential of the body, mind and soul.         

Vijnana yoga - practicing from inside.

Vijnana yoga teaches us to work with our body in a healthy and natural way. Using the seven basic principles of: relaxation & breathing, rooting, elongating & connecting, and by focusing and quieting the mind, we create inner strength, flexibility, calmness and steadiness of body and mind. 
In the Vijnana Yoga method, our body moves as one harmonious unit. Through skeletal alignment, release of weight into the ground, and by using movements from the center of our body, the inner muscles that are closest to the spine and bones are elongated and strengthened, and tension is released, enabling our body to be steady, grounded and flexible. By learning how to correct our posture we can help prevent various back & neck problems so often suffered by practitioners.

We aim to keep the back quiet and supple while it stays supported by the rest of the body.

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