My journey on the path of Yoga began in NYC in 1994, while studying art and

photography at the School of Visual Arts. I took up yoga classes at the popular

Jivamukti Yoga Center, and immediately appreciated what this practice had to offer,

amid the energetic and noisy vibes of the city, with it's intense rhythms. 

When I first started practicing yoga my body felt stiff and limited, my breathing was

shallow, and my chest felt constricted. Yoga enabled me to feel free and fluid inside

my body. I learned to expand my limits, and create more space from within.  

I became more relaxed, and my body became stronger and more vibrant, and I felt

more confident. My studies and social life improved, and I developed new ways of

seeing myself and what was around me. 





After completing my B.F.A in New York, I travelled to Southern India where I studied and earned Teaching Certification in the Sivananda yoga method. 
In Israel I pursued studies to deepen my knowledge of yoga, and expand my abilities as a teacher. I completed a three- year Senior Yoga Teachers Training Course at the Wingate Institute, where I studied the "Vijnana" yoga method under the guidance of Orit Sen-Gupta, a Master Yoga teacher. Through her, I learned the art of yoga from a place of deep observation, investigation, courage and devotion to the practice.

For the past 19 years I have been teaching yoga to groups and individuals. I also lead introductory workshops, and have experience in Yoga therapy for disabled persons at the "Speevak" Center in Ramat Gan, where I developed methods for teaching Yoga in special situations. My professional experience as a Yoga teacher includes Tel Aviv, New York and Turkey. 

I have also taken up studies in Craniosacral Therapy, and have been a practitioner in the field since 2004. I have worked intermittently at various therapy centers and health spas in Turkey, where I combined Craniosacral treatments with Yoga Therapy. 


For the past twenty years I have been creating art through photography, using images reflecting experiences from my inner world of yoga. Website